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Asking is the Answer

Paul Crawford

Before getting in touch with a marketing or branding firm, take some time to identify the business problem(s) you need to solve.

At Scout, we begin every proposal with a simple question: “What’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?” We ask this question because, while we are thinkers, designers, writers, and artists, our best use of these skills is solving business problems.

If a prospective client says, “We need a new website,” we ask why. They might say, “Six months ago a competitor launched a new website that makes it easier to order their products and we’ve noticed a sharp drop in sales.” Now we have a more complete picture of the problem.

In the course of doing what we do, we get to look under the hood of lots of different types of businesses. From startups to Fortune 500 corporations, they are all trying to solve similar business problems through branding, digital marketing, and traditional marketing. The companies that have the best track record of success are the ones that take the time to ask themselves the right questions.

So, try beginning your next marketing or sales meeting by asking, “What is the real problem we’re trying to solve here?”

PS: Hat tip to Spencer for writing this headline a long long time ago.

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