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Quarter Rest Studios launch


We recently launched a website for our client, Brian T. Murphy. He is the owner of Quarter Rest Studios located in Brooklyn, New York. Quarter Rest has created amazing custom music for clients such as Harper’s Bazaar, Crystal Geyser, Southern Living and he’s even created music for some of our video projects.

Brian needed a way to update his website easily with videos, music, and photos. We built him a custom WordPress website. While doing research for this project, I discovered Brian’s Instagram account. It was full of amazing photos from his studio that overlooks Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. We included a custom feed of those images on his home page. It adds a nice personal touch to the website. Brian controls what photos go into this feed by using a special hashtag “quarterrest” on chosen photos from his Instagram account.

We wanted the video and audio pages to not be like any other video and audio page you have ever seen before. The video page showcases all of his featured video work. You can sort by choosing a category at the top of the page. When you choose a category, the videos re-sort themselves. Same thing goes for the audio page.

We integrated his Sound Cloud account and created custom play buttons on the audio page. All he has to do is update the music through Sound Cloud and his new website does the rest. Go there and listen to the awesomeness that he has recently created.

Dan Gavin did all of the development for this website. He did an awesome job. This was a really fun project and Brian is very happy with his new company website.
Take a look at what he posted on Twitter the day of the launch.

Visit the new website at
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