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Scout’s Summer Intern


Introducing the newest member of the Scout Team: Peyton Bristow, our summer intern!

We are so excited that Peyton chose to make Birmingham home for the summer to intern with us. She comes with experience — this spring she interned with Matter Creative Studio in Montgomery, working closely with Southern Makers, an annual one-day event celebrating Alabama innovation and creativity.

She will be a senior at Auburn University in the fall. Until then, you can find her slinging shots at Octane, assisting client services’ efforts, and preaching the necessity of the Oxford comma.

Her summertime hobbies include: mentally critiquing every ad she sees on television, turning off on the wrong exits on 31, and learning to cook more than Easy Mac in the microwave.

Get to know Peyton:

Favorite Book: Blue Like Jazz

Best Movie Ever: The Breakfast Club

Currently Reading: Confessions of an Advertising Man, David Ogilvy

Favorite Steel City Pop Flavor: Tamarind

First Job: Receptionist at a men’s hair salon

Weirdest obsession: Three-legged dogs

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  1. Peyton is a national treasure. Every office would be better with one of her around!

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