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Small is Super: An Intern’s Reflections


As a Client Services Intern at Scout this summer, I have had the privilege of witnessing how this small agency operates. Relatedly, I have quickly realized that bigger is not always better in the fields of branding, advertising, and web development. Here are three reasons why, from an intern’s perspective, smaller can be super:

1. A Culture of Collaboration
In Scout’s open office space, designers, developers, client services managers, and partners alike communicate with one another throughout the creative process. As a result, each “girl scout” and “boy scout” plays some role in virtually every project. Thanks to this culture of collaboration, the agency can guarantee that, by the time ideas and designs are finally presented to the client, they have been bounced off multiple brains and represent Scout’s best work.

2. Variety, the “Spice of Life”
When I interviewed for this internship, I was told that “no two days are the same” here. This was no joke! Because of Scout’s small size but breadth of work, employees, particularly the folks in Client Services, wear several hats. With this flexibility and variety come more excitement and learning. Whether entering data into WordPress or evaluating markets or brainstorming copy for taglines and videos, I appreciate the variety of responsibilities assigned to me (even as an intern)!

3. Less is more… fun
Between the weekly traffic meetings with quotes of the week, surprise treats (thanks, Emily!), High Five Fridays, and more, fun is had by all at Scout. With the playing hard comes working hard, of course, but this small agency strikes a great balance of both.

These are only the highlights of the many benefits of small agencies I have found so far, and I look forward to realizing more in the coming weeks!

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