Joshua Fredrickson

Senior Interactive Developer

Born left-handed, people told a young Josh that he was creative, and because of his glasses, people told him he was good at computers. He took that information to heart and started developing websites in high school while taking graphic design courses and repairing computers. He developed his first website in the late 90’s and has been working on websites and in ecommerce in some way or another ever since.

Originally from Minneapolis, Josh is still a bit confused as to how Birmingham weather works. However, he is grateful for the significant reduction in below-zero days he’s experienced since moving down south eight years ago. When he’s not working at Scout, Josh can be found working (and also not working) on his 100-year old home in Southside with his wife Megan and two Frenchies.

Get to Know Joshua

Childhood Dream Occupation
Ninja Turtle
Level of Hotness in Shorts
Approximately 98.6°
Favorite Dance Move
Throwing 'bows
Ryan Phillipe (Dead Ringer, Right?)
Long Walks on the Beach
Sitting Area_5235

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