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Savanna Oakley

Account Services Coordinator

Savanna comes from a small town (more cows than people) in Alabama called Haleburg. After a push from a public speaking class at her community college, Savanna attended Auburn University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Throughout her college and professional career, she’s done everything from web design, social media management, graphic design, and a little time as a farmhand.

When not working, Savanna enjoys playing trivia with friends, milling around with her dog Hank, or looking for new restaurants to try.

Get to Know Savanna

  • Childhood Dream Occupation
    Anything with the opportunity to dress up and talk a lot!
  • Best Book
    I Think You Should Talk to Someone
  • First Album Purchased
    Gram Parsons - GP
  • Most Likely To
    Create a Pinterest board for any situation
  • Favorite Kardashian
    Highkey Kim, lowkey Kourtney

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