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Why advertising and design awards should matter to clients


national_AddyI’ve had a few clients tell me they don’t care about advertising and design awards and I get why some might feel that way. After all, awards don’t really provide an tangible measurement of the effectiveness of the work we do. Maybe one or two awards out there measure and evaluate effectiveness, but most are awarded because a group of judges who work in the industry thought it was good. But there’s still a significant, albeit less direct benefit of working with an award-winning agency.

When I first started working in advertising, I had what you might call an unhealthy obsession with winning industry awards. The reason was simple. I knew that the fastest way to advance my career as an art director was to do great work and stack up some awards — specifically, I wanted to get my work featured in the pages of Communication Arts and The One Show. Once I got a few things in those award show annuals, I started getting calls from recruiters at big agencies that I admired.

People who make their living in a creative field still understand that winning awards can provide them with valuable exposure that could lead to a promotion or their dream job. But how does all of that benefit the client? Since awards are important to the careers of professional creative people, agencies that consistently win awards have an advantage in recruiting and retaining the best people. The clients who work with an award-winning agency benefit by having generally more capable and more driven people working on their business.

Our unique culture, the way we do business and the awards we’ve won over the years are all reasons we have such a super talented team at Scout Branding. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we just won a national Addy Award.

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