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Why Do Companies Rebrand?

Paul Crawford

By the time a company calls us about rebranding, the leaders of that company have been talking about it for months maybe even years. In our first meeting, we want to know why they are interested in rebranding. That’s when comments such as these immediately come pouring out:

“A while back, we considered doing some online advertising, but we don’t want to send people to our awful website.”

“I find myself not wanting to hand out my business card, because it looks so bad.”

“A competitor of ours, who has an inferior product/service, is becoming more competitive with us through their branding efforts.”

“Our company does so many different things that we struggle to explain to potential customers what we do.”

From feeling as though their visual brand doesn’t represent the quality of their company’s product or service, to inconsistent messaging, the reasons companies want to rebrand run the gamut. They see the visual and verbal parts of their brand as something that is keeping them from pursuing new opportunities with confidence. They are also comparing their branding with that of their competitors.

Those initial reasons that prompt a company to go through a rebranding, pale in comparison to the numerous, unforeseen benefits they experience afterwards. Going through a well-thought out, strategic rebranding process enables a company to know itself better, laser focus its messaging and package everything in an integrated, more relevant visual brand.

Being more strategically positioned gives the organization the confidence and the marketing tools it needs to go after and win new business. We’ve had several clients remark that the process we lead them through was like “brand therapy” for their company. It is that and so much more.

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