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Is Your Website Really All That Unique?

Scout Branding

Building a website is like building a house.

We often use this example with our clients to give them a better understanding of how our website process works and the quality of the end result. For starters, all websites fall into two categories:

1). Customized specifically for a client

2). Cookie-cutter templates

A template website is like buying a house that is already built. As a new owner, you can add your own furniture and change the colors of the walls, but ultimately, the foundation and floor plan remain the same. It may not fit all your needs as a homeowner nor will it be unique, but it was also priced less than building a new home. 

A custom website is like a house that is built from the ground up with custom blueprints designed specifically for you. You get a say in every element of the house from the structural flow to the desired aesthetic. The end result is a completely personalized product from top to bottom that meets all of your needs.

Now, let’s talk technical terms.

A template website is made up of predefined code with set layouts, features and styling. It’s essentially a copy-and-paste tactic used to plug in content for basic websites. Your new website will share the same look and feel as hundreds, or even thousands, of other websites online.

Most website templates cost less than a trip to Top Golf, even though you’re paying the agency a premium. When talking to potential agencies regarding your next website project, be sure to ask whether they take the template approach or not. You should know exactly what you’re paying for.

On the other hand, a custom website is custom tailored for you throughout the entire process. From planning and design to development and launch, it has been built from the ground up with specific functionality, designs and details that are exclusive and unique to only your website. 

When we speak with potential clients, we are very upfront about our custom approach. Our collaborative and detailed process allows us to create strategic, well-designed websites that are distinctive to each business and their digital marketing needs and goals.

There’s a reason Scout believes in custom sites, and here’s why.

Custom websites enhance your brand.

Whether it’s standing out amongst competitors or impressing your target audience, there’s an undeniable advantage in building a website around your brand rather than squeezing your brand into a pre-made website. Custom websites provide a sense of professionalism and trust that cheap templates just aren’t able to achieve. With that being said, give your brand what it deserves.

Custom websites have endless creative possibilities.

Our team consists of talented designers and developers who are capable of executing the best user experience the digital landscape has to offer. When it comes to design and functionality, template websites are extremely limiting, whereas custom websites give our team the creative freedom to bring your brand to life in the best way possible, while achieving the goals you’ve set.

Custom websites grow with your business.

Your business changes from day-to-day and your website will need to adapt as a result. Custom-built websites are flexible, adaptable and scalable, which means your website evolves with your business. You should never have to rethink your entire website when it comes to making updates or changes. A solid and nimble foundation saves a lot of time, money and stress in the long run.

Let’s start building your custom website. Schedule a meeting with our team.

Scout Branding is a team of strategists, creatives and developers who are committed to achieving your company’s design and marketing goals. Our agency has built a countless number of successful brands, websites, advertising campaigns and everything in between. Let us help you get started on your creative needs today.

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