Where we’re coming from

Every company has a brand. Doesn’t matter if your company is you and a laptop in a
spare bedroom, or you and 20,000 employees worldwide, you have a brand — and
it’s not the company logo. You have a limited marketing budget. Every company does.
Even worldwide companies with 20,000 employees. You need a partner to help find
ideas to grow your brand and your revenue. By the way, your brand and your
revenue are inseparable.

Your brand is a complex mixture of stuff. Sure, there’s your product,
your website and your advertising, but there’s a lot more to it.
From company culture, to employee morale, to the color palette, to what the press says,
in the era of the conscious consumer, people with money to spend are aware of all this.
They make their money-spending decisions based on it.

With us so far? Alright.

Here’s what makes our approach different from a traditional ad agency. We know that
people who have money to spend need more reasons to spend their money with
your company than an ad campaign.

Don’t get us wrong, strategic advertising is an important component of any brand, but
what about the other brand components? Who are the people with money we’re
trying to reach? What do they think about your brand? What about your employees?
Your competition? Where are the hidden opportunities? What game-changing ideas
can make one of your marketing dollars spend like five? Is traditional advertising the
best marketing solution?

We’ll ask you, your key stakeholders and your consumers more questions than a
five-year-old. Then we’ll combine that first-hand knowledge with all the existing
research we can get our hands on. The result is a big-picture understanding of your
company’s brand situation and opportunities.

Next, we generate lots of ideas that can be applied across all of the brand
components and with your approval, we will put these ideas to work.

Advertising agencies simply craft ads.
We go further to crafting brands.

And when we say the word “creativity,” we’re not talking about the “paint-me-a-picture”
kind of creativity. We’re talking about the strategic, problem-solving kind of creativity that
is designed to achieve a business objective. This is art serving commerce.

So, what is a brand?

It’s not the company logo. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product,
service or company. Since it is a gut feeling, your brand is not what you say it is,
but rather, it is what people perceive or believe it to be.

Okay then, what is branding?

Branding is what a company does on all fronts to have a positive influence
on the gut feeling that people have about that company or products.

Get in touch.

The way in which we find game-changing ideas is different for every company we
partner with. Contact us so we can discuss your brand’s situation.