Some people call this content. We prefer to call them ideas and insights that might be useful and we don’t mind sharing. We believe in the power of a good idea because we’ve seen the good things that happen when companies leverage creativity as a growth strategy.

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Party like it’s 1999 – Our Branding Process to the Tune of 90’s Hits

Let’s jam.  Track 1 – Awareness You actin’ kinda crazy, ain’t callin’ me, baby. Why…

Scout Branding is Seeking an Experienced Copywriter

Are you an experienced and creative writer who loves learning about different industries? If so,…

So You’ve Launched a New Website. Now What?

There’s so much excitement about launching a new website, and once it’s launched, your website…

Is Your Website Really All That Unique?

Building a website is like building a house. We often use this example with our…

They Say Being Busy Is a Good Problem. Yeah, But It’s Still A Problem.

I’ve been asked hundreds of times by prospective clients, “How long does it take to…

Why We Love Startups

On June 13th 2014, I got a call from a guy in Birmingham who had…

Asking is the Answer

Before getting in touch with a marketing or branding firm, take some time to identify…

Scout Branding Turns 10 Years Old

For over 10 years, I’d been telling my wife that I wanted to start my…

Why Do Companies Rebrand?

By the time a company calls us about rebranding, the leaders of that company have…