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The Son of a Butcher

Scout is proud to have been present for the start of what is sure to be a long-time community staple. In 2021, the sons of a butcher named Butch (yes, really) opened shop in Pepper Place Market. Their refined, modern-industrial look is as visible in their shop as it is on their website. The sleek, professional atmosphere of both is emblematic of the clean, humane process they adhere to and the high quality of their meats. Simultaneously, the brand offers a friendly, welcoming (dare we say, fun?) personality. A perfect balance of bold confidence and kind-hearted, good humor, inspired by those sons of Butch’s down the road serving up the best meat, seafood, and cheese Birmingham has to offer.

Logo Design for The Son of a Butcher
Logo Design for The Son of a Butcher
Mobile site view of website for The Son of a Butcher, designed by Scout Branding Company

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